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100+ REAL Hadoop interview questions from REAL interviews.

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This interview guide gave me confidence to clear Hadoop Interviews - perfect for beginners.

- Brian Cox

I have 3 work experience in Hadoop and yet this guide presents questions which are new to me. Highly recommend !!!

- Patrick Lanigan

Don't go to another Hadoop interview with out reading this guide.

- Samantha Kimm

What You'll Learn

100 + Hadoop Developer interview questions from REAL interviews. The guide covers questions from Hadoop Architecture, HDFS, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Oozie and Flume.

Erase Your Fears
If this is your first Hadoop interview, this guide has everything you need from the most common to the most complex questions.
Scenario Based Questions
Most difficult questions are scenario based. This guide has many such questions with detailed answers. You would be surprised with some questions even if you are an experienced Hadoop professional.
Real Questions From Real Interviews
The questions in the guide are not "might be" asked questions. They were asked at least once in real interviews.
Money Back Guarantee
Send us an email with in 3 days of purchase with couple of reasons why you don't like the guide and we will process a full refund.

Overview of Hadoop Developer Interview Guide

Who's best to come up with an interview guide other than the interviewers and interviewees themselves !!!

That's is what we have done.


This guide is a consolidated effort of 15 Hadoop consultants and 4 architects. Over the past 5 years, the questions in this guide were either asked to them or asked by them to other interviewees in interviews. All the questions in this guide were asked in a real interview at least once. Every question is accompanied by detailed answer with examples or illustration. Check out a sample.

Chapter One

What you did and how?

In this chapter you will find a lot of most frequently asked questions. For eg. "How do you debug a slow running job in your cluster?" or "What is an edge node?" is a very simple question but will leave you scrambling for an answer if you are not fully prepared.

Chapter Two


HDFS questions can get very tricky and complicated. If you are asked "Why does Hadoop uses huge block size of 128 MB (64 MB in older versions)?" and if your answer is "Because Hadoop deals with big files" it is not a good enough answer.

Chapter Three


Interviewers love MapReduce because most cruel questions can be asked from MapReduce. Imagine if you are asked this question in an interview - "How do you sort the values from map's output keys in descending order before it reaches the reduce function?"

Chapter Four


You absolutely should read this chapter if you don't know the answer to the following question - "What is fencing?"

Chapter Five


This chapter has a lot of optimization related questions like "How do you efficiently do a join a big dataset and small dataset?". Also has more real time problems like "How do you perform a non-equi join in Pig?"

Chapter Six


This chapter will prepare yourself for some twisted questions in Hive. This chapter will help you prepare for questions like "How can I use Hive to process datasets which are unstructured and semi-structured for e.g. dataset with email messages?" and questions like "Why do we need bucketing when we have partitioning?"

Chapter Seven

Sqoop and Flume

Data ingestion is an important component because this is how data gets in to the cluster. If you can not answer questions from this section it is very difficult to clear the interview. You can except answers to questions like "How do you deal with duplicate data when you do an incremental import in lastmodified mode?

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The Testimonials


Just awesome !!! I wish I got this guide 3 months ago when I started interviewing for Hadoop positions. I went to 6 interviews with out any success but I cleared the next interview after reading this guide.

Sanjay Kancherla

Life Saver. I have 3+ years hands on experience in Big Data technologies but my biggest problem in the interviews were articulating the answers for the scenario based questions. What I love about the guide is that it has well articulated answers so you don't have to scramble for an answer in the interview.

Patrick Lanigan

Couldn't have done it with out this guide. Authors of this guide are not kidding when they say "REAL questions from REAL interviews". Almost all of the questions that were asked to me in interviews are in this guide. You will feel as if the guide read the interviewer's mind.

Stephen Durling

Everything you need to crack a Hadoop interview. I bought this guide when I was interviewing for Hadoop developer positions and I can not say enough how much it helped me get a job. Now I sit in interviewer's chair and I still go back to this guide for interview questions.

New Version Coming Soon! New Version Coming Soon!

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