Learn Hadoop from EXPERTS !!!

Our Hadoop Developer Training is focussed on real world big data problems and scenarios. Training covers a broad range of Hadoop ecosystem concepts/tools like HDFS, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Flume, Architechture, AWS questions, HBase and Impala.

Why our training different from other trainings?

We don’t teach from a text book

Most trainings out there teach from a text book but not ours. We train our trainees on what is needed in the real world with real problems, use cases, troubleshooting and optimizations.

We give you access to a training cluster

Other training places ask their trainees to use a Virtual Image for practice but not us. How can you learn a distributed framework like Hadoop using a single node Virtual Image. Also, not everyone has a powerful desktop or laptop to run a Virtual Image. So, to avoid all these issues we have a training cluster hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and you will get access to the cluster when you sign up with us.

Our trainers are experts

Other training places have full time trainers who has no real world Hadoop experience but not us. Our trainers are working Hadoop consultants who provide training in their spare time. They bring real world experience and expertise to the table.

We use real world use cases

Our examples, use cases, problems focus on what you would need on your day to day job to get things done.

Pay after 3 sessions

You don’t have to pay right away. You pay only after the 3rd session. Try 3 sessions with us before you decide to go with us.

Hadoop Developer Interview Guide and Mock Interview package

With our training you will get Hadoop Developer Interview Guide and Mock Interview package. Great deal !!!


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